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With this video we wanted to show all the work that goes into our property movies and projects with a behind the scenes video. We decided to film it all on one day to illustrate the lengths we go to in order to achieve the best shots, and then created a little story of our day from early morning, through the production stage and the long travel distances all the way to the final editing stage later on.

This day was a perfect example of what we do, as it showcased different aspects of our company, from us on our video shoot, to scanning a property to create a virtual walkthrough with our state of the art scanning technology.

To create this video we used all sorts of equipment at our disposal, from GoPro’s to our Panasonic GH4’s, our DJI drones and even through our Virtual Reality Goggles.

We kept it short and snappy for ideal social media consumption, which also allowed us to have a bit more freedom to try some more irreverent and tongue in cheek ideas.