Andennis Coastal Property /

Andennis Coastal Property

Strutt & Parker approached us to capture aerial stills for a luxury seaside property in St. Mawes, Cornwall. These stunning shots showing the views and location wouldn’t have been captured with traditional photography methods.

Our cutting-edge drones and mast-mounted camera systems enable us to show every property from the best angles, capturing the views and location shots that will sell your property. Aerial Stills show potential buyers a different perspective of a property whether it is located by the coast or waterside, a luxury country estate, or working agricultural land.

Contact us if you’d like a stunning coastal property photographed.


Andennis Strutt & Parker Social Media Video

Short and snappy videos are great for attracting and engaging audiences, it draws in viewers and gives off information just as quickly in a less amount of time. Online users are looking to consume content quickly, audiences simply don’t have the time or patience to sit through a lengthy video, you need to grab and excite viewers straight away. The average length of a view on Facebook is only 18 seconds, you need to use your spotlight wisely!

Having a short promotional property video allows an online audience to quickly grasp the concept of what/where and how the property looks and feels in a non-time consuming way, which is absolutely perfect for estate agents/property developers etc. to quickly display in front of thousands of online users and potential homebuyers.

Get a heads up advantage over your competitors. People love video and the statistics back it up, 73% of home sellers would choose an estate agent who actively use video to promote and boost real estate sales.

Users are scrolling through social media accounts and watching videos on their mobile devices all day long, your target audience has never been easier to reach! Present them with your promotional property videos now, contact us to see how it can help your brand/business.