How Will Video Marketing Help My Business?


January, 2017


Video Production is the best form of engagement with your customers. A 1 minute video has the same efficacy as 1.8 million words. Below we explore the stats and figures behind the importance of online video marketing.

Finding the best way to engage with your potential and already established customers has always been a challenge for companies and marketing groups. What is becoming apparent however, is the significance of video marketing for brands and companies. A whopping 90% of users say that seeing a video is helpful in their decision process.

A recent promo video we made for Devon 4x4

View their website here.

One third of all online activity is spent watching video. Not using video for your brand instantly excludes you from 33% of viewers. When designing our own website, we knew we really wanted an attention grabbing home page. Making a short showreel to greet users not only gives users a great feel for our brand and an idea of the videos we create, but on average it retains viewers for 74% longer than the average static homepage.

Moreover with the increase of mobile users, roughly 65% of digital media traffic comes from phones and tablets. Desktop browsing is now being referred to as a ‘secondary touch point’. Thus it is more important than ever to create easily accessible content that can be easily shared. This is being proven to be key in online marketing. Most videos our now aimed at mobile users. You may have noticed that nearly every video on social media contains subtitles – this is to allow for most viewers accessing videos on mobile in public spaces. 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others.

“90% of video users say seeing a video is helpful in their decision making process”

If you’ve struggled in the past with getting traction for your website on search engines and reaching the first page, using video content is one of the easiest methods to rank highly on Google with. YouTube (a company owned by Google) is now the 2nd largest search engine in the world, with more than 3 billion searches processed every month. As a result, Google reserves spaces at the top of search pages specifically for video content, as Google realises that video content is highly helpful in answering searches and engaging users. Having a popular video in your specific sector or industry can give you a first page mention with very little work. With a video, users are subsequently 64% more likely to buy a product and 70% more likely to engage with your brand. There is also no sign of these figures slowing down. YouTube reports that mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year.

Saunton Sands Promotional Video

Set in stunning North Devon scenery

A short clip made for Jeep and Surfing GB

Statistics aside, video is the most direct way to show off your business. If you need to build a brand and want to beef up the content on your website, a series of short videos combined with a promotional feature can be used to tell your customers exactly what you are about.

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